Help for JAD Databases users
Structure of JAD Databases. The JAD Database consists of three major parts:
  • Japan Approvals Database (JAD) Basic (JAD-Basic) - providing basic information for all drugs with new active ingredient approved in Japan from 1999 up to date
  • JAD Extended Databases - providing detailed information and data, structured in several key areas. Currently available JAD Extended Databases are: JAD Orphan Drug Designations (JAD-ODD), JAD Japan Master Files (JAD-MF), and JAD Accredited Foreign Manufacturers (JAD-AFM)
  • JAD Resources - such as Gaiyo, Glossary, Reports and the Reading Room texts

The above there parts can be accessed simultaneously and independently. JAD and JAD Resources are available to all subscribers. Access to the individual databases in the JAD Extended Databases depends on the type of subscription. Email subscription inquiries to

Navigation within JAD Databases is straightforward and brought to the users via a single, uncluttered browser window:
  • Forward moving is enabled by clicking on the links
  • Backward moving is available by clicking on the special button "BACK TO PREVIOUS WINDOW" - displayed at the upper right side of the database window.
Availability of documents. It is important to understand that the JAD Basic Database does not contain and does not link to documents cited in JAD and elsewhere. When documents such as Package Inserts, Approval Review, Summary Basis of Approval, etc. are shown as "retrievable", it means that the respective document has been made available to JKS and hence it is retrievable upon request. Subscriber who may wish to obtain a copy of those documents - either in their original in Japanese, or translated in English, should inquire by email to
Help with individual Extended Databases:
System requirements. Accessing JAD Databases requires Internet connection, browser (IE 6 and above recommended), scripts, pop-up windows and cookies enabled. Technical inquiries in the cases of login and other access problems should be addressed to
Other relevant information:

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