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The following specialized services are offered in the field of P&R:

Pharmaceuticals (drugs, biologicals, radiopharmaceuticals)
JAD Drug Price List
JAD Drug Price List is a service designed for fast delivery of hard-to-find data concerning market launch, prices and reimbursable formulations of all drugs currently marketed in Japan.

Most updated information on the price and reimbursement value of any of the marketed drugs in Japan. Data for each approved formulation are presented in clear tabular one page format, easily importable to MS Excel or other analytical programs. Each of the JAD Drug Price List is delivered in PDF format.

Sample of the JAD Drug Price List can be seen here | Costs for JAD Drug Price List service

Prices of products not covered by reimbursement schemes
Particular interest in life-style drugs
To be covered also in the coming edition of Stigmatized Markets: ED

Strategy to overcome reimbursement hurdles
Analysis and advice on the progress in getting a currently marketed product onto formularies

Medical devices, cosmetics, quasi-drugs
Medicinal products other than drugs
Information to be provided upon request

Market research
Four "P"
In-depth understanding of understanding of the Four "P" - Pharma, Provider, Patient, Payer and their roles, influence and prospects in the Japanese pharmaceutical and healthcare market.
Exemplary market research is described here


 Update of September 2010

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