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JAD Databases Pricing and Payment Options



Customers can select among a variety of pricing options as listed below. The flow of choices should as follow:

  • make a choice between subscription for database only and subscription for database and document, then

  • make a choice between single user subscription and subscription for a group, then

  • make a choice between payment options


1. Payment by credit cards: Payment by credit cards is the preferred payment method. Accepted are: AmEx, VISA, MasterCard and JCB.
2. Alternative payment options:
We offer as alternatives to credit card payments by check and wire transfer. Customers wishing to use any of the alternative options should first inquire by sending email to 


1. Demo: Demo of the JAD Databases is available at a dedicated web site - www.jad-database.com .
2. Accessing the demo database:
Potential customers and other interested parties could obtain User ID and password by sending email to orders(at)jouhoukoukai.com.

INQUIRIES: Customers are welcomed and encouraged to make online inquiries regarding the purchases, eligibility and payment options by emailing to orders(at)jouhoukoukai.com.


Click the button to subscribe or purchase (requires enabling of pop-ups)



Pricing Options - Databases only

Type Subscription  

Single Users - individual corporate subscriber
(Total price) / Combination price (US$)


Group Users - appropriate for a group of up to 15 corporate subscribers
(Total price) / Combination price (US$)

A JAD Database (basic subscription) 350   1,750  
B Japan Master Files Database (JAD-MF) 450   1,950  
AB JAD Basic + JAD-MF (800) / 720 10% (3,700) / 2,775 25%
C JAD Orphan Drug Designations (JAD-ODD) 250   1,550  
AC JAD Basic + JAD-ODD (600) 540 10% (3,300) / 2,640 20%
ABC JAD Basic + JAD-MF + JAD-ODD (1,050) / 950 10% (5,250) 4,200 20%
D JAD Accredited Foreign Manufacturers (JAD-AFM) 360   1,760  
AD JAD Basic + JAD-AFM (700) / 630 10% (3,700) / 2,775 25%
ABD JAD Basic + JAD-MF + JAD-AFM (1,150) / 950 20% (5,500) / 4,400 20%
ABCD JAD Basic + JAD-MF + JAD-ODD + JAD-AFM (1,400) / 1,260 10% (7,000) / 5,600 20%

Pricing Options - Databases and Documents



1. Research value: The combination offer of subscription to JAD Databases and relevant document assure significant research and information value. For example, in the case of Type B-D1 subscription, customers will have both the access to the Japan Master Files Database (JAD-MF) - an online resource containing data about all 2,053 Master Files registered in Japan, and will received the 82-page documents from the JKS Milestone Series entitled "Japan Master Files - Overview" - an unparallel introduction to the Japanese MF, registration requirements and regulations .
2. Saving value: The combination offers of database and documents come with 20-25% reduction of the price, in comparison to the total price if those are to be purchased separately.


Type Subscription

Single Users - individual corporate subscriber
(Total price) / Combination price (US$)


Group Users - appropriate for a group of up to 15 corporate subscribers
(Total price) / Combination price (US$)

B-D1 JAD-MF +  Japan Master Files Overview (1,250) / 960 20% (5,200) / 3,900 25%
AB-D1 JAD Basic  +  JAD-MF +  Japan Master Files Overview (1,550) / 1,240 20% (6,950) / 5,250 25%

Pricing Options - Prices and Reimbursement



1. Research value: Most updated information on the price and reimbursement value of any of the marketed  drugs in Japan. Data for each approved formulation are presented in clear tabular one page format, easily importable to MS Excel or other analytical programs. Sample of the JAD Drug Price List can be seen here. Each of the JAD Drug Price List is delivered in PDF format.
Customers should inquire about the availability of data for products and formulations, and then to purchase units as described below. For example, purchasing E5 would give the customer the right to order JAD Drug Price List for up to 7 listed reimbursed products.
2. Important! Information for approved products not covered by reimbursement scheme is also available. Please, inquire.


Type Units





E JAD Drug Price List (US$) 25 75 125 195 Inquire

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