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  Market Access & Value Strategy - pharmaceuticals & medical devices in Japan

Critical issues in business development and strategy
Beyond the pricing and reimbursement
JKS offers to the pharmaceutical and medical device manufactures and distributors, to financial service organizations and consulting firms full support in the following twenty specialized areas of:
  • market evaluation
  • competitive environment
  • pricing and reimbursement
  • mandated price cuts
  • reimbursement models
  • price comparators
  • strategy to overcome reimbursement hurdles
  • prices of products not covered by reimbursement schemes
  • subsidizing treatment and healthcare
  • issues with the reimbursement dossiers
  • insurance coverage
  • non-mainstream insurance: mixed and private insurance
  • payers and insurance providers
  • positioning after the launch
  • supply and demand with regard to hospital formularies
  • prices for patented drugs
  • prices for generics and biosimilars
  • prices for orphan drugs and medical devices
  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA) involvement
  • role and mechanism of wholesaling

The Market Access consulting services include in-depth desk research of original Japanese-language sources and primary market research (retrieval of raw data, interviews), as all deliverables are in English. For inquiry email to market_access@jouhoukoukai.com

 Update of April 2013

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