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Jouhou Koukai Services LLC was initially established in 2001 to provide services under the Law Concerning Access to Information Held by Administrative Organs.

The name of the company "Jouhou Koukai" stands in Japanese for information disclosure. The company is also commonly known as JKS.

JKS operates as an internet based and e-commerce site open for the customers around the clock. JKS LLC is independent and privately-held.

Clicking on the link below will open a copy of the original promotional materials released in July 2001.

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The Law Concerning Access to Information Held by Administrative Organs was enforced in Japan on April 1, 2001. The name in Japanese of the law is "jouhoukoukaihou" and is also translated to English as the Public Access to Information Law (PAIL). It is equivalent to the US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and considered of significant interest to the worldwide healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, medical devices and allied industries.

JKS provides a variety of services related to PAIL:

  • Access to documents held by the Japanese authorities and disclosable under the Public Access to information Law of Japan
  • Product research - all products regulated in Japan by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW)
  • Regulatory consulting on medicinal products regulated in Japan and subject of approval
  • Niche Market Reports - two modules reports on specific niches in Japan pharmaceutical, biotechnology and therapeutic markets
  • Competitive issues - find how your competitorís product is faring in the Japanese regulatory reviews

The full text of PAIL in English with annotations and comments is available in the JKS Documents Store - visit by clicking here.


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