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In 2003 the web site of has handled some 35,000 queries on more than 4,200 keywords related to all aspects of the Japanese pharmaceutical affairs. Listed below are some of the top searches with comments and follow-up.

  • Triptans - The remarkable change in both the prescribing practice and the public attitude toward CNS disorders is highlighted by the continuous interest in the innovative for Japan headache treatment. Detailed information is available in the "All Triptans in Japan" document from the new JKS series "All in Japan" in the JKS Document Store.

  • Mevalotin - Following the expiration of the Japanese patent held by Sankyo tens of generic versions of pravastatin were introduced to the market. At present, as many as 72 different products, brands and formulations of statins  are registered in Japan.

  • Prulifloxacin - after the approval in October 2002, Meiji Seika launched its new generation of quinolones under the brand Sword, in Japan in December 2002.Inquiries regarding the approval documents (Approval Review and SBA), current Package Insert and other relevant documents should be sent to regulatory(at)

  • Sandimun - The latest formulations of the Novartis' cyclosporine were approved in Japan  on behalf of Nihon Ciba-Geigy KK in June 2001 and only lately challenged in the market  by the generic Neomerck variant.

  • Fasudil - The original product developed by Asahi Kasei KK has attracted the attention after its successful licensing-out in 2001 to Schering AG. Inquiries regarding the product profile or the package insert of Eril Injections S (the brand in Japan) should be sent to regulatory(at)

  • MHLW - The interest to the regulatory authorities in Japan was strong in 2003 and we expect to further increase in 2004 in the light of the legislative changes and the deregulation process from April 2005. As until now, JKS will continue to provide all of users with regular updates of the Japan Approval Database and announcements on the most important changes with the pharmaceutical authorities and regulations.

Overall, the keywords used by our users profound insight into the interests of pharma, biotech, medical device, healthcare, life sciences, nutraceutical, cosmetics companies, consulting, market research, legal and information service providers toward the Japanese pharma and healthcare market. Jouhou Koukai Services is firmly committed to  take advantage of this knowledge and insights to provide information, intelligence and advise to our customers in 2004.

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