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Notice on Present Relations between JAD Databases and Drug Price List service

In a reply to recent inquiries from potential customers whether the JAD Databases contains information on reimbursement prices of drugs approved in Japan:
Content demonstration of all four subscribable JAD Databases is available at the JAD Demo site.

All potential customers are encouraged to approach JKS with inquiries about prices, reimbursement and related issues in Japan.

Please, note that at present JAD Databases consist of JAD Basic database and 3 extended databases: JAD Orphan Drug Designations (JAD-ODD), JAD Japan Master Files (JAD-MF) and JAD Accredited Foreign Manufacturers (JAD-AFM), as either database is available for a separate subscription or in combination with JAD Basic.
For all current customers, who have subscribed only to JAD Basic Database, JK Publishing is pleased to offer 50-25% discount if subscribed to any of the extended databases or to all. For further details, please inquire to Order Dept. at orders(at)jouhoukoukai.com.

Further requests for clarification of regulatory issues or particular products should be forwarded to regulatory(at)jouhoukoukai.com

Service email: October 26, 2007