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Jouhou Koukai Announces the start of JAD Drug Price List service

TOKYO, November 18, 2006 - Jouhou Koukai Publishing, a business of JKS LLC today announced the start of a new service: the JAD Drug Price List, the latest upgrade of its flagship drug approval resource - the Japan Approvals Database (JAD).

Japan as the second largest single-country pharmaceutical market in the world can offer considerable return for all marketed products from ubiquitous generics to most advanced therapeutics. The Japanese health insurance system is universal and sophisticated, thus providing reimbursement for most of the marketed medicinal products. Its understanding begins with the basic facts of prices and reimbursement.

The JAD Drug Price List (JAD-DPL) is a service designed for fast delivery of hard-to-find data concerning market launch, prices and reimbursable formulations of all drugs currently on the market. The JAD-DPL is highly scalable and can accommodate ranges of requests - from the needs of customers looking for a single formulation to comprehensive data on whole therapeutic classes.

Essential part of the JAD Drug Price List is the option to compare the pricing of similar drugs or therapies, suitable for planning, market entry and competitor analysis. Additional data such as package sizes, photographs or codes can be included for customized delivery.

Data for each approved formulation are presented in clear tabular one page format, easily importable to MS Excel or other analytical programs. Each of the JAD Drug Price List is delivered in PDF format.

The JAD-DPL is primarily intended for covering prescription pharmaceuticals (drugs, biologics, radiopharmaceuticals), however can be extended to provide prices of non-insured products, medical devices, cosmetics and quasi-drugs.

Further information about the new offer for JAD-DPL is available at the JKS web sites:

Introduction | Pre-purchase orientation| Pricing

Further requests for clarification of regulatory issues or particular products should be forwarded to regulatory(at)

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