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  • Location: work at SOHO
  • Functional role: Providing translation
  • Compensation: Compensation for each task to be agreed in advance and in writing.

The most appropriate candidates for a position of translator are freelancers.

The key requirement for job candidates is the accuracy of translation, readability comes secondary. Therefore, Japanese native speakers are strongly encouraged to apply.

All accepted candidates will be supplied with detailed instructions and / or training whenever necessary.

Some of the common tasks:

  • Translation (predominately from Japanese to English)
  • Re-writing / proofreading (native English speakers only)
  • Research assistance (Internet, print)  
  • Reading / summarizing (general texts, specialized)
  • Glossary building

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Tokyo office

Note: The positions described here are for participatory opportunities other than full-time employment. All candidates are expected to be comfortable working as members of our virtual teams. Compensation will be variable, based on a number of factors and ranging from pay-per-page to partner's level profit sharing. All positions available at this time are on a consulting services basis and only for candidates based in Japan. Beginners and those currently studying or not presently in employment are welcomed.

Inquiries: Email to h_resources(at)jouhoukoukai.com

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  • Recruiters



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