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Medicinal Products Lifecycle
  1. Discovery
  2. Preclinical
  3. Clinical
  4. Dossier
  5. Authorities
  6. Approval
  7. Manufacturing
    Quality regulations
  8. Export & Import
  9. Pricing & Reimburcement
  10. Marketing
  11. Postmarketing
  12. Reevaluation & Reexamination
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Standards for Manufacturing Control and QA for Drugs and Quasi-drugs (Enterprise License)

Standards for Manufacturing Control and QA for Drugs and Quasi-drugs (Enterprise License)Quantity in Basket:none
Code: 7_D_B008

29-page Medicinal Products Lifecycle document. S Enterprise-wide Use License. Full text in English of the MHLW Ministerial Ordinance on Standards for Manufacturing Control and Quality Control for Drugs and Quasi-drugs, MHLW Ordinance No. 179, December 24, 2004 (also known as the “Good Manufacturing Practice Ordinance" or shortly as the “GMP Ordinance". Formatted, indexed, annotated and hyperlinked. Jouhou Koukai Publishing is a Jouhou Koukai business: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, drug approval, regulations, clinical trials, Japan pharmaceutical affairs, and global and Japanese regulatory affairs. Retrieval and consulting on drug approval and technical documents disclosed in Japan. (ISSN 1550-3437) Copyright © JKS LLC 2006.

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