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Eligible for JKS services are strictly regulatory agencies, educational institutions, service organizations and  professionals. Under no circumstances information and data are provided to private individuals, included but not limited to patients, caregivers and merchants. In principle, email correspondence from general domains (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) is not responded.


All enquiries for orders of documents and for additional information shall be made to Jouhou Koukai Services by using either secure email or by inquiring for the number of a confidential fax. All enquiries are handled with strictest confidentiality.


The enquiries for documents are answered within one business day, while enquiries for availability or irretrievability are answered within three business days. Once the availability of the documents is confirmed, the enquirer receives a detailed quote containing the cost for translation of the documents from Japanese to English and the shortest time for the delivery.  Once the quote is accepted the work on the translation and delivery commences with receiving of a Purchase Order or other document in lieu of Purchase/Service Requisition Order. For additional information contact Jouhou Koukai Services by secure email or inquire for the number of a confidential fax.


The rights of all trademark owners are honored. The use or misuse of trademarks or any other materials, except as permitted herein, is expressly prohibited and may be in violation of  the laws.

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All data and resources here are for information purpose only and do not constitute for a medical, legal and investment advice.

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