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Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2002
Subject: JKS Anniversary

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 Tokyo, March 20, 2002

Dear Colleague:

Jouhou Koukai Services LLC is celebrating the First Anniversary of the launch of its web site - For one year the site became a major source of documents, regulatory information, intelligence and consulting services of the Japanese pharmaceutical market - the second largest in the world.

Two new lists - the medicinal products approved in Japan in November 2001 and in January 2002 have recently been added to our main database - currently containing information for all 202 pharmaceutical products approved in Japan between September 1999 and January 2002. The product information is supplemented with the JKS Niche Market Reports .

Available at the web site of JKS are several repositories and collections of documents related to the Public Access to Information Law (PAIL), Japanese regulatory information, laws, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare regulations, other source documents and news relevant to the pharmaceutical affairs and pharmaceutical and medical device industries in Japan.

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Jouhou Koukai Services LLC

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