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Update - November 2005

Dear Valued Customer,

The Japan Approvals Database (JAD) is now updated with the inclusion of information on the newest approved medicinal products in Japan. With the latest round of drug approvals - all featured in the current October release, the JAD database now contains information for the last 7 years (from 1999 to 2005) of approvals in Japan.

Importantly, the contents of the October release have been significantly enriched with the following new previously unavailable types of data: Approval holder, Trade name, Generic name, Formulation & Package, Original Approval Date, Previous re-examination date, New Re-examination period, Class, Designation, Therapeutic Category, Indications, Approved Dosage, Comments, Reimbursement price, Retrievable documents (other than PI, AR and SBA).  Starting from 2005, all previous releases of JAD shall be retroactively enhanced to contain the same types of data as the October release.

Your continuous patronage is appreciated.

Publication date Registered customers Content
October 2005 Japan Approvals Database (JAD)

11 new and re-examined products in totally 24 formulations have been approved by the MHLW on October 11, 2005.
November 2005

Anticancer Drugs

New dedicated part of JAD scheduled for release in mid-November. Current subscribers will eligible to access the new part of JAD.
November 2005

Submitted for Approval

New unique part of JAD containing information for all approximately 150 products already submitted for approval review but not yet approved in Japan. This part is scheduled for release in the second half of November, and all current subscribers will eligible to access it.

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