Drugs and Medical Devices Safety Update Seminar - September 2004

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Japan Monitor

(ISSN 1550-3429)


1. Prospective Post-Marketing Safety Measures
    MHLW, Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau

2. Drug Safety Measures of PMDA
    Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency
    Safety Division, Drug Safety Section

3. Drug Information for the Public
   The Japan Pharmacists Education Center (JPEC)

4. Drug Safety Information on Pharmacotherapy during Pregnancy
    Toranomon Hospital, Pharmacy Division

5. Drugs and Medical Devices Safety Measures
    MHLW, Pharmaceutical and Food Safety


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  • Extended transcripts of the presentations

  • 11 illustrations (7 figures, 4 tables)

  • 7 Attachments

  • Comments and annotations

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